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The idea comes from my desire to play through episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Actual Star Trek games in my mind suffer from the same problem; it's not really Star Trek. It's nearly always action, and lasers, and fighting space-battles. But when I watch the show, that stuff doesn't really happen all that much. And quite often, the Enterprise out-guns their adversaries, and the goal is to not kill them.

I want a game where you play as the Captain, and you found a strange new phenomena and it turned out to be a relic from an ancient civilisation and it spawned a computer virus that infected the ship and you have to use diplomacy on a derelict AI satellite to convince it to disable the virus and return control of the ship back to you.

I'm also making the tool I made to create the events available on the off chance someone wanted to make their own.

At the moment I need to create a lot more events and story lines as well as the creation of a lot of artwork.

(I've removed the old demo-build as it wasn't indicative of the current state of the game anymore)

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