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Demo Build 2
New demo build is complete. This is about 90% of how the game will play. Feedback desired...
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Progress Update 31st August 2019
Sound Effects I've been progressing with the re-writing of episodes, starting with the space probe that approaches your ship. This has led to a whole bunch of s...
Progress Update 13th August 2019
New Artwork I've been hard at work learning how to do pixel-art. I present you with my new "ship crashing into a sun" artwork: New Ship This is replacing the ol...
Progress Update August 8th 2019
I've now started work on some of the artwork. I'm not very good, and I imagine that this game will be a pretty big learning curve. Anyway, here it is, the secon...
Initial Feedback
Based on the feedback I recieved from the few people who took the time to playtest, I've made some changes. Big Space I've changed the galaxy that you're explor...
Playable Demo-Build
Playable demo build. Looking for feedback...
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A Space Adventure
Progress Update 8-June-19
These last couple days I've started work on the star map. The idea is that a random number of stars, their planets, and the planets moons are generated. The num...
Bringing the game back to life
I am bringing this game back from the dead to complete it. I'm going to strip down a lot of what I was gonig to do previously that worked me into a stalemate an...
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Hi David, the game does not run. The included "Play The Last Boundary.lnk" file has an absolute path to your documents f...
started by Excarto Jul 05, 2019
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