Bringing the game back to life

I am bringing this game back from the dead to complete it. I'm going to strip down a lot of what I was gonig to do previously that worked me into a stalemate and will instead change direction of the game.

Now, instead of having a series of connected events that lead the player through a story, I will instead have lots of single-events. These could unlock further events that relate to it, but they will no longer have a story attached. These will occur as they player is navigating their way back to earth after being propelled lightyears away by some sort of anomoly.

Each time the player travels along the star map to another system, an event will occur. These can give or take resources away from the player, resources which they need to survive. Each system will have planets and moons that the player can also try and regain resources from. Each of these may also feature random events. The star-map will give the player some information on what to expect in the next system so that the player can understand what's coming up.

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