Progress Update 2018-10-22

Lately I've been working on the events for the demo-build. Not much to say about it really. I've written I think maybe 2/3 of the events themselves, but will still need to create a bit of artwork to go with it. In addition there's some additional audio to create, and I think I need to revisit some past audio as well.

Finally, I think there's some new graphical effects that I can easily do for the demo-build that will go really well in one of the events.

I'm pretty proud of the story progress. There's not really a lot in the demo-build, but what's there I think shows off what the full game can do well. The events are interconnected to a degree and some can't happen unless others happen first.

I've yet to come up with an event that can occur multiple times, but I think that's where the eventual battle events will come in. I'm alluding to how this would work in the game world in one of the events for the demo-build.

Here's a screenshot of all the story so far in the Space Adventure Writer app.

Each of those boxes in a choice to make, leading off to the next choice etc. The green outlined ones are "starting" events. The yellow coloured ones can only occur if certain conditions are met. The lines connecting them show you how the options provided link them up, blue lines are regular options, yellow dashed lines are conditional options only available under certain conditions.

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